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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG is an innovative supplier of robust tracking solutions in harsh industrial environments which deliver our customers with visibility on high value assets and ensure the safety of their personnel. We combine state of the art hardware, application software and services to increase productivity of the core business processes of our customers. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a complete solution provider with a global footprint and years of experience in the oil & gas, ports & terminals, mining & tunneling and automotive industries. identec
SmartLiberty SA is the leading swiss provider of professional mobile security and communication solutions for the long-term care market. SmartLiberty sells RTLS and Smartphone solutions with integrated mobile nurse call, wandering management, assistance call, WLAN and telephony. smartliberty
Beverage Metrics Inc. developed and markets the first complete beverage management solution to meet the biggest challenge of the food and beverage industry-perpetual inventory management and inventory shrinkage. Using wireless sensing technology, the Beverage Metrics system monitors Inventory levels and collects pure data in real-time for all spirits, wine and beer service at all bars and outlets, including banquet events and in storage areas. beverage2
Spree Wearables, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless biosensor solutions, including the revolutionary Spree SmartCap. Its patented and proprietary systems are at the forefront of performance measurement systems and are currently used to help prevent heat-related illness in athletes, firefighters and industrial workers. Spree Wearables’ solutions have earned national recognition, including Popular Science magazine’s prestigious “Best of What’s New” Award. spree-wearables